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My crosswords elsewhere

As well as my puzzles here, I occasionally write crosswords and clues for other places:

  • I wrote Listener Crossword No 4457 ‘Polo’, published in The Times on Saturday 1 July (and available to Times subscribers on the Crossword Club site).
  • I ran a Twitter account Crossword in a Tweet, which used to occasionally tweet a full 5×5 six-clue cryptic crossword in a Tweet, before changes to the character limit made this a fundamentally less impressive feat.
  • The Guardian Crossword Blog runs an occasional series of American-style puzzles, to which I contributed No 9.
  • At my competitor page at &lit you can read my ‘very highly commended’ (and in one exciting instance prize-winning) entries in the Observer’s Azed competition crosswords. The terrifyingly exhaustive nature of the &lit archive means I can report that I am the only competitor to use the words ‘daringly’ and ‘thongs’ in successful clues.
  • The Sunday Times clue-writing competition’s extensive write-ups occasionally feature my clues. In particular as the winning clue for competitions 1359, 1362, 1405, 1421, 1426, 1444, 1454, 1466, 1473, 1513, 1519, 1535, 1549, 1566, 1589, 1610, 1650 and 1656.
  • The Times crossword 25906 consisted of winning clues from the monthly clue-writing competition on the Times Crossword Club website. I wrote 5 across, 12 down and 16 down. It’s available on the Crossword Club site to Times subscribers.
  • I had a puzzle on Big Dave’s blog in January 2016
  • I contributed a couple of clues to a joint puzzle produced by Hoskins.
  • I wrote a clue for each of two ‘Round Robin’ puzzles at the Crossword Centre